CSS Sticky Footer + stuff

Testing the CSS Sticky Footer - The CSS Sticky Footer principle is a very nice "base". Of course, as with any code-examples, some tweaking is almost always necessary to make it work in a specific way.
Written by Mads at 00:00

Copy to system clipboard

Copying to system clipboard is not something that can be done with javascript alone. Here i use a plugin called Zero Clipboard, which utilizes an .swf file to accomplish this.
Written by Mads at 00:00

jQuery Unobtrusive Validation

A very basic demo of how to setup jQuery Unobtrusive Validation.
Written by Mads at 00:00

Colorbox Tweaks

This post contains a few tweaks which a lot of people seem to demand from it, but isn't supported out-of-the-box. I will also enable the gallery macro to be inserted into TinyMCE.
Written by Mads at 00:00

Macro Parameters

Today i realized that my SyntaxHighlighter implemenration was sub-optimal. I had to write a description at each of the codepieces, and was very limited by this. A much better implementation can be achieved using macro parameters.
Written by Mads at 00:00


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